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Written by Paul Douglas Katchings   
Sunday, 22 February 2009
The Death of Venture Capital

'When the thunder-clap comes, there is no time to cover the ears'  SUN TZU


Who would have imagined that the next ‘killer application’ which venture capitalist are SO fond of searching for would kill venture capital, as we know it?
20th Century Venture Capital
1.    Hidden (secretive-prescription for fraud)
2.    Slow-Capricious (who do you know)
3.    Few funding participants

4.    Caveat emptor (buyer left out of free equity distribution)

21st Century Product Equity Value©

1.    Transparent (open-elimination of fraud)
2.    Instant-Automatic (informal)
3.    Millions of $1 per day participants

4.    Caveat venditor (buyers control the free equity distribution)

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