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Written by Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings   
Wednesday, 18 March 2009
The Solar Cycle Budget©
The Adoptions of the Solar Cycle Budget Automatically makes the Balance sheet Stronger
Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings Copyright 1981-2011


The Solar Cycle Budget© is an original investigation based on the 139 months or 11.583 years (on average) sunspot cycle elaborated on by the father of Heliobiology Professor Aleksandr Chizhevsky (1897-1964) of Russia.

Professor Chizhevsky proposed that the mass excitability by humans on earth is linked to the active solar cycle divided into 4 phases of Minimum, Increase, Maximum, and Decline.

According to Professor Chizhevsky, nearly 80 percent of all major events in modern history occurred in phases 2 and 3 and only 5 percent in phase 1.

It’s well documented that Sun Spot cycles affect the climate, and ancient climate changes are linked to human evolution.

“We are interested in the sun because of the many influences it has on our lives and our environment.  Aside from the many aspects of purely scientific research, there are numerous environmental influences caused by the sun.  Beyond the obvious considerations of heat and light, some examples of these direct and indirect solar influences are the effects on short-wave radio communications, navigation, use of satellites for communication and navigation, hazards to humans and instruments in space, electrical power transmission, geomagnetic prospecting, gas pipeline monitoring, and possibly weather and human and animal behavior.” Solar Data Services NGDC

The Science

As an elementary physics, biological, and economics refresher, all matter exists in 1 of 4 states.  Proceeding from a currently undefined first cause, these four states of matter are Radian Energy, Liquids, Gases, and Solids.

The physics of these 4 states of matter influence all existence.  Nature exhibits a fourfold science in a number of disciplines.

Biological structure and diversity exists only because of the 4 elements of Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen.  We are reminded that a three-dimensional organic structure cannot exist when any 1 of the 4 elements are not present.

Isaac Asimov in his book The Bloodstream (River of Life) 1961 on page 73 divides humans into 4 blood groups.  He gives Blood Group A as 44.4%, Blood Group O as 39.5%, Blood Group B as 11.8% and Blood Group AB as 4.2%.

Though no percentages have been established prior to the Solar Cycle Budget©, responsible economic texts categorized all economic activity into 4 factors of production as Entrepreneurship, Labor, Capital and Land.

It is scientifically clear that the number 4 is very important as evidenced in the following examples: A) 4 phases of the 139 month sunspot cycle influence human behavior, B) physics consists of 4 states of matter, C) organic chemical activity requires 4 elements, D) there are 4 human blood groups, and  E) economic activity consists of 4 factors of productions.

A.    4 Phases to Solar Cycle Activity
B.    4 Physics types of matter
C.    4 Organic Elements
D.    4 Blood Groups
E.    4 Factors of Economic Production

By definition the percentage relationship between the 4 phases of the Solar Cycle and the 4 Blood Group percentages establishes the basis for the Solar Cycle Budget©.

Indeed it is postulated by this investigator that individual human economic propensity and endeavors are “blood group based,” hence responding to the 4 phases of Solar Cycle and Sun Spot activity.

Table 1
4 Phases of Sunspot    4 Blood Groups            SunSpot Cycle        Solar Cycle Budget            100%

1    Minimum                5%       AB                        4%                Entrepreneurship-Ideas         5%
2    Increase                36%       O                       40%                Labor-Skills                        31%
3    Maximum              44%      AB                       44%               Capital-Expense                  46%
4    Decline                 15%       B                        12%                Land-Savings                      18%

Table 2

     Minimum    Increase    Maximum    Decline

           5%          36%         44%            15%
        Start        Start        Start           Start
 1     1896        1897        1902            1906
 2     1907        1908        1913            1917
 3     1918        1919        1924            1928
 4     1929        1930        1935            1939
 5     1940        1941        1946            1950
 6     1951        1952        1957            1961
 7     1962        1963        1968            1972
 8     1973        1974        1979            1983
 9     1984        1985        1989            1994
10    1995        1996        2000            2005
11    2006        2007        2011            2016

The Purpose

The purpose of the Solar Cycle Budget® is to provide mankind with a scientific standard for correlating its economic activities with the 4 phases of sun spot realities, thus eliminating inefficiencies in the market place.

By definition all economic activity contain percentages of the 4 factors of economic production.  Currently all modern economic and accounting thought lack a scientific based “Budget Standard” because the Solar Cycle science has not been integrated into economic thought and correlated with individual economic activity.  This is why traditional accounting has not developed a standard tool for the individual and the enterprise to budget efficiently.

The Solar Cycle Budget® divides the four phases of solar activity into the budget defaults of 5% for Minimum, 31% for Increase, 46% for Maximum, and 18% for Decline to accommodate the 4 factors of economic production required for the modern day reality of the information age.

    (Solar Cycle) Budget, B=A1 + A2 + A3 + A4
The Solar Cycle Budget© is extremely simple and powerful in eliminating inefficiencies.  All economic activity is simply assigned to 1 of 4 factors of economic production where the 4 percentages for each user can be preset or can be adjusted with flexibility to accommodate a desired result.

Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings
Copyright 1981 – 2011


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