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Written by Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings   
Saturday, 30 May 2009
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What is Product Equity Value©?

The Discovery of Product Equity Value©

The Use of Product Equity Value

The Solar Cycle Budget©

What is a Virtual Management Team? 

High School and College Graduates! You can have $1.2 million to $4.4 million without debt or job!

153,821,976 American Citizens are undervalued by $376,863,841,200,000

THE DEATH OF DEBT - The Emergence of The International Debt-Free Monetary System

The Katchings Equity>Debt Law proves that equity is up to 10,000 times more powerful than debt.

A New Labor Policy - A New Consumption Function

Master Plan to fund 19,000 

The Capitalistic Renaissance

The Untaxing of the United States of America

Katchings Two Laws (Theorems) of Capitalism and 22 Variables of the Public Company

Free customers stock options verses free employee stock options

What are PEV-Partners Monetized Social Networks? Edit

Would you buy a $30 product to have $600 worth of tradable shares in an IPO?

The Top Economic Secret of 2009

Product Equity Value© and Nuclear Fusion

The Death of Venture Capital

The death of credit, debt, boon-bust cycles and unemployment

A New Consumption Function

The End to Recession Depression Inflation and Unemployment!












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