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Written by Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings   
Saturday, 30 May 2009
The 21st Century – A New Israel
‘The instant solution to the global economic crisis’
Paul ‘Tan’ Douglas Katchings
February 16, 2009

There are exactly two macro components of the globe’s economic output for the 21st century.  These two components – Labor Units and Stock Markets – are summed up in what is called the Gross World Product (GWP).  This statement is presented here for the first time.


Working and consuming are the only two functions for economic humans.  In the 21st century economics there are only two components of economics: the labor units producing the value, and the stock markets capturing the excess from labor units for value creation where the collective is called GWP.

Prior to the “coffeehouses” of the 16th century Amsterdam, the concept of equity as applied to stocks and hence the emergence of stock markets did not exist to the Dutchmen and the world at large.  Economic history texts will certify that no one before the 16th century thought of bringing forth instant future value for present use by a single entity from multiple people participating in the taking of “risk-opportunity.”

Since the 16th Century, it has been the 1% use of this equity concept that has caused societies to grow more rapidly by macro units spreading the “risk-opportunity” from innovations with limited communications ability.

Enter the “new economics” in the 21st century.  The other 99% use of “equity” is about to be applied at the micro level to global citizens.  There is more than enough communications technology available for global citizens to harness the power of equity.

What is important in the 21st century is that the correct assembly of the variables existing between “working and consuming” has caused the concept of equity to be mastered for the first time.  Equity, after the purchase of products and services, is the replacement for credit, debt, and interest.  The concept of “equity” gives rise to a “new consumption function” where purchase prices of products and services are less than the value of the fee-tradable equity granted after each purchase.

The free giving of equity is from a new model of public corporations, thus producing automatic savings and a global-public safety net for global citizens.

Now this new concept of equity is about to integrate into the very fabric of every human on the planet earth, automatically providing “the solution to the global economic crisis” in a single delivery device.

Therefore whoever has identified the new corporate model and assembles the variables into the correct order for control, thus making this new corporate model able to produce 11, 20, 40, and 235 times more value than the purchase prices for the customers, and is the first to bring this new model to the market… will influence the good for the planet.

The reason for the revelations of this equity integration is the speed of modern communications proliferating over the globe.  At this very moment the “new economics” can be integrated into a carefully tested [secure] single communicating portal for any individual to use virtually free.

It is the ubiquitous communications devices themselves that will house the integration of the variables permitting “production and consumption” between any two humans on the planet.

Future technology!  The immediate need of Israeli technological innovations!

There is no question in any serious scholar’s mind that it is the Torah, the Law of Moses, that has caused the planet earth to be as advanced as it is for the good of all humans.  No single theological thought text has so permeated the planet earth than the Torah.  According to the Rabbis there is no more Torah in heaven to be given.
However, for decades the Rabbis have misinterpreted the revelations of the twins Jacob and Esau.  Since Jacob’s transformation to Israel the Rabbis’ thoughts and interpretations have been earth-bound by only seven of the ten nations promised to Abraham.  But the “concept” Israel is far greater than this earth’s Israel.  A “New Israel” consciousness refers not only to the planet earth but extends to the universe in its entirety.

When this universal reality is integrated into the consciousness of the Rabbis then the first three of the ten nations promised to Abraham will appear and obscurity will disappear.

This all-inclusive revelation changes the whole dynamics of conflicts on the planet earth, thus accelerating the exploration and population of the solar system and the universe from a more equitable distribution of the resources of planet earth.

Astronomers Say New Technologies Will Soon Lead to Discovery of Earth's Twin

This exploration and population of our solar system will begin in earnest with the only solution to the instant economic meltdown where something more powerful than uranium – equity – is about to be offered to labor units.  This equity automatically engages humanity on the planet earth for individual good and well being with guaranteed financial safety.
x= (a*b/y)/c

Paul ‘Tan’ Katchings


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