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Written by Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings   
Wednesday, 10 June 2009
The Sarbanes Oxley Act creates new types of customer-owners!
Brace yourselves for an absolutely awesome and astonishing discovery in how a new type of customers-owners will be rewarded with equity in new corporations that is more valuable than their purchases merely by buying from them.

If you are a balanced and intelligent human being it must have dawned on you by now that there is something fundamentally wrong with the corporate business model when we the consumers are the triggers and providers of all of the value for the corporations and we continues to get the short end of instant value creation stick?

Deep in your heart, deep in your gut, you know that there is something wrong but you do not know exact what and as a single individual what you can be about this? Seven years after The Sarbanes Oxley Act in the US we finally have a customer centered business model.

Get ready for a total upheaval in consumer buying, consumer purchases that produces automatic savings caused by a new customer centered corporation owned by the customers.

The web site has 31 articles designed to inform you of exactly what Product Equity Value© or PEV© is.

Like any serious subject you need to prepare yourself. You are encouraged to start with:

•    ‘What is Product Equity Value©’ and proceed to
•    The death of credit, debt, boon-bust cycles and unemployment’ and then read
•    ‘The Top Economic Secret of 2009!’  

By careful reading of these first three articles you will know exactly why and how your savings will increase automatically by 2, 3, 5, 11, 20, 40, and even 235 times and more just by you purchasing your products and services from a new type of customer centered corporations that you own parts of free started by you and other customer-owners daily.

The fourth and fifth articles that you should read are:

•    ‘Why the Capitalist Theory is no longer fundamentally flawed’
•    The Sarbanes Oxley Act is a Paper Tiger

Everything is designed for the benefit of the customers in the 21st century. You make the choice. Do I stay with an outdated purchasing model that ‘takes’ or do I learn and embrace the new customer centered businesses model that ‘gives’ in 2009-2010 that the customers own!

•    Buy a $1,100 green laptop computer and get $5,700 in instant equity
•    Buy a $100 green cell phone and get $1,038 in instant equity
•    Buy a $1,200 year supply of healthy food and get $5,500 in instant equity
•    Buy a Flat Panel HDTV for $400 and get $2,076 in instant equity
•    Buy a global medical insurance for  $3,300 and get $17,064 in instant equity
•    Buy a $65 ‘solar-lantern’ and get $337 in instant equity
•    Buy a $100 new 16 films annual contract and get $1,147.53 in instant equity

364 products and services are immediately subject to Product Equity Value©. One hot product or services per day produces automatic savings for each customer-owner.

Since you automatically own ‘free’ parts of 364 new companies created daily, credit, debt, interest, credit rating agencies, unemployment, poverty and daily economic fears comes to an end in 2009-2010 for the privileged customer-owners of 235’s using Product Equity Value©.

Join the Product Equity Value© Group today!

Paul ‘Tan’ Douglas Katchings
Business Engineer
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