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Written by Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings   
Thursday, 25 June 2009
Would you buy a $30 product to have $600 worth of free tradable shares in an IPO?
Of course you would!  14 million people would do the same.  Would you do this everyday?  Yes, you would.  Ditto for millions more people.  

A new paradigm is taking hold in 2010-2013 and we – members of “of social networks and the buying public” – have an opportunity to engage in some serious business activity.  There is too much junk posted on various social networks caused from lack of knowledge and the ability to do the math and relate it to the real world.

I’m going to show you a special formula.  If you are a startup or an entrepreneur and cannot understand this formula on first reading, then you need to be patient and learn this formula for yourself.  This formula is embedded in a new venture that will usher in the new paradigm for millions of people.  The formula is too valuable to for you not to check it out first-hand.

This venture needs all of the serious startups and entrepreneurs it can find.  But it does not have time in the beginning to hold anyone’s hands from lack of preparedness.  Serious money is about to change hands daily and serious people will get it.  Read carefully because this is not about buying stock.  The stock is free – better than options.  You will discover a one-stop location at usab2bvp.com for numerous business opportunities by being prepared.

The new paradigm is unfolding, caused exclusively by a new type of corporation formatted to capture permanent customers from competitors using the formula X=(A*B)/C.  This formula is used in creating multiple value for public corporations, particularly IPOs (initial public offerings) where X is stock price, A is revenue, B is earnings as a percentage of revenue and C is an acceptable rate of return.

X=(A*B)/C is an under-used formula and is therefore a secret for creating sustained value for shareholders.  When combined with an astonishing revelation called
Product Equity Value©, we can make revenue predictable.  Think of Product Equity Value© as an accounting measure of the equity contained in each product or service sold by public companies.

Revenue predictability is possible when 46% to 69% of the shares of new public corporations are given free
(after registration of the shares) to a predetermined number of customers after they purchase the products or services from the new corporations to guarantee revenue and earnings.  Read this sentence several times until it sinks in.  Roll it around in your mind and get used to it as fast as you possibly can.  This is your knowledge anchor about Product Equity Value©.

The customers own the network.  The majority shares of each daily startup are automatically allocated to customers after each purchase of the product or service.  These shares are given free and in exchange for purchasing.  This is the value created by and given to people because of their purchasing activity.  The formula X=(A*B)/C produces this value for each customer-owner of publicly-traded companies.  Based on the prevailing rate of return, the stock prices of these new companies (that use Product Equity Value©) are 3, 5, 11, 20, or 40 times or more than the purchase price of the products or services.

This venture is looking for 2,426 startups of any kind with a URL as soon as possible!  As soon as 
Equity Score(R) has 2,426 signups, the countdown starts and your Equity Score(R) network will self-assemble to 14 million participants in about 120 days.  Then we go live.  This means $1 million venture capital is used to fund one new startup a day.  Your idea can receive funding!

Do not get bogged down in the mechanics now. You need to take advantage of this free sign up opportunity at Equity Score(R)
to establish an important date and see the internal structure.  After you sign up free you can learn the mechanics.  When you are prepared you can continue by paying a one-time $30 registration fee (includes everything you need to start using your Product Equity Value© the first day) via My Accounting on your b2bvp profile.

Here are some examples of what 364 new startups funded with $1 million will bring to their 14 million customer-owners daily:

•    Buy a $1,100 green laptop computer and get $5,700 in instant equity
•    Buy a $100 green cell phone and get $1,038 in instant equity
•    Buy a $1,200 year supply of healthy food and get $5,500 in instant equity
•    Buy a Flat Panel HDTV for $400 and get $2,076 in instant equity
•    Buy a global medical insurance for  $3,300 and get $17,064 in instant equity
•    Buy a $65 ‘solar-lantern’ and get $337 in instant equity
•    Buy a $100 new 16 films contract annually and get $1,147.53 in instant equity

All serious providers of products and services will use Product Equity Value© or lose market share.  So an economic transformation is about to take place with your help and the customers will be the beneficiaries.  It’s new and exciting!  We hire only from our 14 million partners and we buy only from our 14 million partners.  If you are serious about social networking, then this is your chance to make monetary history!

The initiators of 
Equity Score(R) have agreed to take a 4% interest.  The remaining interest is allocated automatically to the 14 million partners based on the date and type of registration.  See the details after your free signup.  There are 235 b2bvp’s ready now.  Each one is 100% transparent and automatic. If you think you have what it takes Equity Score(R), then email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank You.

Paul Katchings
Business Engineer-Inventor
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