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Written by Prof. Paul Douglas Katchings   
Tuesday, 06 October 2009

Three Financial Facts that will change the planet earth in 2010!

85,540 new public companies and over $86 trillion in new global value

 Creates the Globes first Public Safety-Net automatically just by consumers shopping!

Paul ‘Tan’ Katchings All Rights Reserved October 2009


With expanded insights we now know with absolute certainty that the foundation of the publicly traded company and hence capitalism is a simple formula that permits multiple values or ‘equity leveraging’ of $1 into programmed and desired amounts to be shared with new aware customers automatically.


The standard accounting formula for creating multiple value for public companies called ‘free equity’ is x=(a*b)/c with ‘y’ shares outstanding where X is stock price A is revenue B is earnings as a percentage of revenue, and C is rate of return.


This underused financial formula always creates 3, 5, 11, 20, and over 40 times revenue when the earnings of new public companies IPO (initial public offering) is a constant or is increasing.


By this formula we can now guarantee future cash flows for new types of publicly traded companies by adhering to a strict distribution of an equity ratio between owners-customers-and the investing public.


Essentially any amount created by this formula over $1 in revenue is ‘free equity’ that financial architects can use in original ways to balance the globes economic system where ‘global public safety-net’ is the norm from the private sector.


It is now clear by this simple and powerful formula that the fastest way to economic prosperity for the individual and the citizens of any country is by the establishing of ‘private label public companies’.  In the old public company model the customers were not included directly in the ownership of the value that they created.


Fact 1 – there are 66,400 public companies in the world - and by a new index using the benchmark country (USA) we can determine by population, gross domestic product, number of public companies, and the value of these public companies how many public companies are required to close the gap between the haves and have-nots in each country or 235 global regions.


This closing of the value gap and other financial facts were unknown just a few months ago and will cause businesspersons, global policy makers, and those tasked with nation building to rethink and recalculate their resources and growth assumptions taking this index into consideration based on accurate data obtained from the CIA Fact Book and elsewhere.


This formula mastery is imperative for the immediate building of a sustained global economy driven by ‘free positive equity’ which needs not be paid back verses its exact opposite of ‘free negative credit’ which must be paid back.


The over-use of ‘free credit’ and the under-use of ‘free equity’ and how it is produced and the lack of its equitable distribution and sharing with customers is the primary reason for the globes financial imbalance and armed conflict.


Fact 2 – only 23 of the 266 sovereignties (if they have stock markets) have stock market values greater than the country’s gross domestic product. These 23 countries create more value for its citizens than countries with low or no public companies. We know now by this ‘free equity’ formula that creates multiple values of 3, 5, 11, 20, and over 40 times revenue  that countries ‘gross domestic products are never suppose to be more than the total value of its publicly traded companies.


If you are a professional economist or politician you want to read this last sentence a few times because this is the first time that you would have read this ‘pure capitalistic’ fact. Armed with these facts presented in this article you are better equipped to advise and govern.


Fact 3 – the globe needs 407,000 public companies based on this new index derived from the population, gross domestic product, number of public companies, and the value of these public companies.


We now have the format to determine how many public companies are required to close the gap between the haves and have-nots bringing the globes citizens out poverty replacing credit with instant savings establishing the globes first public safety-net  from ‘free equity’ starting with 85,540 new public companies.


We are not talking about a far off event. We are talking about 0 to 3 short years.


The speed of the implementation of 85,540 ‘new private label public companies’ comes from realizing exactly how and why the customers creates the share prices of public companies and by design a formatted structure where 46% of the IPO equity is give free to the customers in exchange of their cash purchases on first IPO trading day.


Many people are afraid of large numbers and this prevents them from seeing this ‘free’ reality and in fact this fear separates the ones who know from the one who do not choose to know. We now know two important numbers obtained from CIA Fact Book and elsewhere to make sense of this ‘free equity’ financial fact.


  • The first number is the total value of all of the globes 266 sovereignties is $61 trillion.
  • The second number is the total value of the 66,400 global public companies at $65 trillion.


The reason why these two numbers of the value of the worlds Gross World Product-GWP and the total value of the world’s 66,400 public companies are important must be place into context to see the top-to-bottom economic reality.


For example in the USA we have 18,600 public companies whose total value is $19.5 trillion and the USA GDP (gross domestic product) is $14 trillion.


So clearly the total value of the globes public companies exceeds the value of the gross world product. And the US total value of its public companies exceeds the US gross domestic product.


For the general public and financial experts these two statements of facts are the most important economic statements that you have ever read besides double-entry bookkeeping and the dividing of companies into shares. Yes two simple bold and accurate statements.


Now look closely at the analysis of the financial facts that are being revealed here. The number of businesses in the USA of all types is 27 million. So clearly the value of 18,600 US public Companies:


  • Exceeds the value of 26,981,400 US businesses (27 million less 18,600)
  • As well as the total value of the USA stock market exceeding its gross domestic product as was revealed...


The absolute and the only reason why the globes public companies exceed the gross world product, and the USA public companies total value exceed the value of its gross domestic product and the value of the US 26,981,400 business is by this virtually ‘secret’ ‘multi value creating formula’ of x= (a*b)/c with ‘y’ share outstanding.


This multi value formula creating ‘free equity’ is the foundation of capitalism.


This formula always creates 3, 5, 11, 20, and over 40 times revenue when earnings are constant or increasing which can only be used by public companies to drive share prices, and only the guarantee of the customers’ purchases are the primary drivers of share prices.


What are the significances of these facts and comparisons?


First it is clear that the fastest way to economic prosperity for the individual and the citizens of any country is by the establishing of ‘private label public companies’ as their primary economic policy of a country.


In the old economic IPO model the customers were not included directly in the ownership of the value that they created because it was not known how to share the distribution of  the ‘multiple values’ created by formula in the optima ratios between owners-customers-and the investing public to cause guaranteed future cash-flows.


Now entrepreneur-citizens do not have to wait for governments to establish these new public companies. With cell phone world citizens can purchase a product from virtually anywhere and receive free equity in exchange for their guaranteed cash purchases which is now their primary savings.


Contrary to the naive believe of many financial experts lacking the mastery of this multiple values creating formula; it does not take 1, 2, or 3 years for a company to season itself and to have its shares registered.


The registration of shares in many of the top ten money centers is a statutory process that can be completed in five to seventeen weeks under the right conditions which universal equity ownership in newly designed public companies and 14 million to 3.2 billion guaranteed customers bring.


While we cannot discuss here the value of each public company in the world, but we can know exactly the average value of each by dividing $65 trillion, the total value of the global public companies, by the total number of public companies of 66,400 and obtain the average value of each global public company of $978, 915,662.70.


This $978, 915,662.70 is one of the few accurate numbers on the planet earth.


There are lots of ways of determining the value of each country prior to these three and other facts presented here but these determinations are all wrong in view of this basically ‘secret multiple value creation formula’ of x= (a*b)/c with ‘y’ shares outstanding causing the comparing of a country gross domestic product with the total value of its public companies.


The USA has evolved basically free giving the globe a financial ruler to compare financial efficiency based on the number of citizens in a country in relationship to the total number of public companies. The ruler is 306 million US citizens divided by 18,600 public companies for a ratio of 16,451 to 1.


By this ruler and the new expanded knowledge and use of this all inclusive multiple values creating formula we can now determine accurately how much a country is over-under valued.


A significant example is a country such as Afghanistan with 26.396 million people and NO public companies, the immediate solution to this country’s woes according to General James Jones the US National Security Advisor:


"The key in Afghanistan is to have a triad of things happen simultaneously," Jones said, listing improved security, economic development and "good governance and the rule of law."


This triad solution that General Jones has simplified is straightforward and clearly 1,604 ‘private label IPO’s’ solves all three simultaneously! New precisely formatted public companies for Afghanistan and any country that is rightfully distrustful of an economic model driven by credit-interest-debit falsely labeled as capitalism.


Equity by its multiple values creating formula for public companies is the foundational component of capitalism and not credit.


An average IPO creates better than 1,300 high paying jobs with training 1,604 new public companies for Afghanistan where the equity value is distributed directly to 14 million citizens in starting in 2010.  Public companies can instantly create better than 2 million jobs in Afghanistan a country with over 40% unemployment in a matter of months!


Since the average value of a public company is $978,915,662.70, this means that Afghanistan is undervalued by $157 billion where its current gross domestic product is $12.06 billion.


Therefore 407,000 needed global public companies less 66,400 current global public companies multiplied by the average value of a public company of $978,915,662.70 equals $333.42 trillion that the globe is undervalued by and therefore capitalism is undervalued by.


By formula we have a new capitalistic understanding based on the original thoughts of Adam Smith’s ‘liberty equity’ as the rightful drivers of demand in the global economy and not credit. The speed and efficiency of this ‘liberating equity’ implementation calls for a formatted structure that by carefully design can be placed anywhere to achieve its goals of instant savings for the participants.


The project closing this value gap between the globes haves and have-nots has been released at where assembling the ratio of 14 million participants-customers to 364 start-ups is the optima numbers for each of 235 virtual structures.


The model is 100% transparent, automatic; members owned and ran where the one time participation fee is $30 to start reaping the numerous benefits in a few short months. No this $30 is not funding IPO’s. The $30 is the participation fee where the IPO value in the first 4 of 364 IPO’s greater than the participation fee is waiting for 99% of the participants!


It is what the 235 spearheads of these structures with less than 4% ownership does operationally with this $30 to cause the network to assemble in a predictable 120 day time frame.


To be quickly successful the model needs 2,426 professionals first. All of the typical first responders’ benefits apply when the network is assembled. After obtaining this 2,426 number the model is designed to self assemble in about 120 days and operations start.


How important is it for me to be 1 of the first 2,426 funded accounts at


  • First you get automatic equity in greater than subsequent sigh ups. The numbers and comparisons are viewable after sign up by clicking on My Accounting and then clicking on PEV© Allocation. I can give you a realistic value of these ‘free shares’ but I will not.


Yes the model need to attract members but it also need 2,426 members who can count. After you read this article a few times and sign up free you can see that the operational speed is programmed in the same manner of purchasing an operating system and start using your computer to create value.


There is nothing complicated about assembling 14 million – 3.2 billion willing participants with cell phones after the first 2,426 sign ups when free immediately tradable equity is waiting for them.


After clicking on My Accounting and thinking…if you do not see that 115,416 thousand shares are worth multiple millions when 14 million members are assembled then you can simply wait until the fourth stage of assembly where 150,000 members receives 3,028 shares in automatically free.


  • Second you will establish 1 of 2,426 priority positions for obtaining $1 million in funding for a start up ‘idea’ or an existing ‘private label’ if your partners need your product or service.


There is no beating around the fact that a $1 product or services purchased by 14 million people annually creates a $300 million public company where the start up owners 31% is worth instantly $93 million. The 14 million participants 2 shares are work $9.64. On a $33 product this is $3 billion and the 14 million’s value is $318.


  • Third all things being equal anytime there is a question about jobs, or unforeseen opportunities first sign ups always prevail.


You can exercise your priority position anytime prior to the 364th start up funding, or you can sell this priority position or participate in the start up of another member. If you are not financially inclined and do not see the value of this priority position simply ask now.


Please join  free to take a look at the complete model and if you like what you see then fund your account with a one time $30 participation fee, and by all means ask other professionals to look at this model as well without hesitation because this is truly economic and financial history in the making.


The motto of the b2bvp’s is ‘you own it’…


Paul Katchings

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